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Genny Six

Chapin, IL


Farming Means More Than Growing Food

We raise pigs with my husband Ben’s family in central Illinois. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with family and watch the bond our parents have with our children. They instill values and work ethic that we admire. We want to teach our children not only how to farm, but how to do it as a family.

Then and Now

When Ben and I were kids growing up on the farm, we were raising pigs outside. Today, we are able to raise the pigs indoors where they always have access to feed, water, and even sprinklers when it get’s hot outside! It’s hard to imagine what pig farming will look like in the future with new innovations that help keep animals comfortable and healthy, but we hope that our kids will have the same opportunity we did to integrate into the family farm and bring with them new ideas and a passion for the animals.

Passion for Pigs

We are passionate about being farmers. We feed the food we are raising to our own family and community, so it is incredibly important to us to ensure that we are providing safe, healthy products to your family as well as ours. Raising pigs is our passion, livelihood and legacy, so guaranteed we strive to do the best job we can every day.

About my family

We have three children and raise pigs with Ben’s family in central Illinois.

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