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Jodie Shield

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I am president of Healthy Eating for Families, Inc., a nutrition communications consulting company based in Chicago. In 1998 I was selected as “Outstanding Dietitian of the Year” by both the Illinois Dietetic Association and the Chicago Dietetic Association. I've been a consultant and spokesperson in the field of nutrition for over two decades, previously taught nutrition and medical dietetics at the University of Illinois, and am currently an instructor at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois and at Dominican University in River Forest, Ilinois. 

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Some Say GMOs Are Safe, Some Say GMOs Are Unsafe – Who Should I Believe?

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    Label Lingo

    "As a registered dietitian and mom, I’d like to help you become more than a headline reader in the grocery store."
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With all of the conflicting headlines, eating healthy has become so confusing and quite frankly, downright scary. As a registered dietitian and mom who shares your concerns, I’d like to help you become more than a headline reader in the grocery store.

I think one misconception regards anything that’s labeled organic. Moms want to know if, for health reasons, they should really buy organic products. I tell them there is no research saying organic is more nutritious or better. It is a lifestyle preference. 

Personally, I’m not concerned about GMOs in my food, either. I’m OK with it, but I do respect the fact that people want to know more about it. Learn the facts about GMOs – both pros and cons – from reliable sources like National Academy Report, GMO Answers and the FDA. Get the full story and make the right call for feeding your family.

Start with a commitment to cook and shop with a recipe that fits your family’s health goals and taste qualifications. Then, look at the labels. Avoid the labeling claims on the front, and focus on the nutrition label on the back.

Bottom line: The commitment to cook a meal for your family is the healthiest thing you can do. When it comes to feeding your family healthy foods, you’re in charge, so I encourage you to be prepared and informed when it comes to reading food labels.